Jody Hobbs Hesler (Fiction, June 2017) has an essay “A Red-Headed Stepchild Reflects on Rejection” in The Atticus Review.

Jo-Ann Hart (Nonfiction, January 2019) was the Grand Slam Story Winner at the 2022 KO Festival of Performance.

Michelle Soletto Lynch (Poetry, June 2014) has a poem “Filleadah [Returning]” in the anthology Furrows: Deep Earth Collections from Green Ink Press.

Jason Reynolds’ (WFYP, MFA Faculty) YA adaptation of Stamped: Racism, AntiRacism, and You has been named in Goodreads as one of the 100 Most Popular YA Books of the Past Five Years.

Julie Wittes Schlack (Nonfiction, June, 2013) has a article “Joni Mitchell’s Not Done Yet” in Cognoscenti.

Michael Mercurio (Poetry, January 2017) will be offering an 8-week online program Poem Lab, beginning September 13th.

Caitlin Robinson (WFYP, June 2018) has a poem “When you fold laundry” in the Summer 2022 issue of Bread Loaf Journal.

Robbie Gamble’s (Poetry, June 2017) collection A Can of Pinto Beans was a finalist for the 2022 Jean Pedrick Chapbook Prize.

Jasmine Warga’s (WFYP, June 2013) YA Novel A Rover’s Story received a starred review in Publishers Weekly.

Jennifer Leblanc (Poetry, June 2012) has a poem “Piano Recital, Private Residence” in the Fall 2022 issue of the San Pedro River Review.

Deborah Sosin (Nonfiction, January 2015) has an essay “Befriend Your Inner Critic” in the Brevity Blog. She will also be giving an online workshop through Grub Street: “Befriend Your Inner Critic: Skills for a Productive Writing Practice” and Inner Critic coaching services, details here.

David Farrow (Fiction, June 2022) is teaching several classes and workshops at Grub Street: “Intro to Fiction,” “Start with a Bang: The Art of Outstanding Openings,” and “Headlights All the Way: Navigating the Murky Middle.”

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