Our Commitment to our Cambridge Common Writers Community

At Cambridge Common Writers, our mission is to serve as a resource to support and promote the alums in our community. Our commitment to celebrating diversity in every definition of the word is an integral part of that mission. We are dedicated to finding new ways to celebrate and support our members from BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities, as well as persons with physical or intellectual disabilities, of any age, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Such efforts include highlighting those individuals throughout the year, not just in the designated national month. We do this by focusing our outreach efforts to include as many alums as possible, and taking all of these categories into account when hosting readings or author events. We are also always open to suggestions from our community, and will strive for a level of transparency and communication that will encourage open discussions—even difficult ones—with our members at all times. We recognize that DEI is an ongoing commitment, one that will evolve and grow with time and effort.

The following pages are part of our effort to embrace this aspect of our mission. Archived from the “Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Hub” on our homepage, these links lead to articles celebrating diversity in publishing, job opportunities and publishing calls for specific groups, posts from alums, and more. They represent just some of what we hope will be an ever increasing number of ways in which we can empower the incredible individuals who make up our community.

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