Kate Fussner (WFYP, June 2021) has a review of her debut YA novel The Song of Us in Publishers Weekly.

Tracey Baptiste (WFYP, MFA faculty) was featured on Good Morning America, talking about her new picture book The Mermaid and the Pirate, and the importance of representation with characters of color. The book is also featured in an article in Romper.

Karin Cecile Davidson’s (Fiction, June 2009) story collection The Geography of First Kisses is now available from Kallisto Gaia Press. She has interviews about the collection in Bloom, Newfound, and Book Q&As with Deborah Kalb. An excerpt from one of the stories appears in Vol 1. Brooklyn.

Eileen Cleary (Poetry, June 2016) is interviewed in Tupelo Quarterly about hew poetry collection 2 A.M. with Keats.

Katie DeBonville (Nonfiction, January 2023) has a poem “The Minor Quiet of March” in the anthology Crystalline Whispers.

Jason Reynolds (WFYP, MFA faculty) was nominated for the 2024 Rhode Island Middle School Book Awards for his book Ain’t Burned All the Bright.

Tracey Baptiste (WFYP, MFA faculty) was nominated for the 2024 Rhode Island Middle School Book Awards for her book African Icons: Ten People Who Shaped History.

Enzo Silon Surin’s (Poetry, 2012) book American Scapegoat was included in the reading list by the Academy of American Poets for National Poetry Month. He was also the Guest Poetry Editor for the Spring 2023 issue of Solstice: a Magazine of Diverse Voices.

Frances Donovan (Poetry, June 2019) was recently the featured reader at Stone Soup Poetry.

Shari Caplan (Poetry, June 2014) is the winner of the 2023 Paul Nemser Prize from Lily Poetry Review Press, for her forthcoming poetry collection Exhibitionist.

Elizabeth Shick (Fiction, June 2019) published a new installment of her Substack Author Abroad. She also discussed her novel The Golden Land in an audio interview on Kris Clink’s Writing Table.

Benjamin Roesch’s (Fiction, January 2016) new middle-grade novel Felix & Squeak is now available for preorder from Phoenix Books.

Rex Arrasmith’s (Poetry, June 2020) poem “Diamond Three Dial” was a finalist in the National Baseball Poetry Contest. A video of him reading his poems can be found here. Alum Robbie Gamble was also present at the festival, where he read a poem from MFA Writing Faculty Sharon Bryan.

Lisa Pegram (Poetry, June 2012) is on the steering committee for the 2023 St. Martin Book Fair in June and has secured features for five U.S. authors to attend, including Enzo & Melanie Henderson. Her food essay, “Breakfast in Mexico City” was also recently published in the Reclamation Exhibit cookbook and catalog printed by the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

Robbie Gamble (Poetry, January 2017) has two poems, “All Saints’ Day” and “Blame” in the Spring 2023 issue of Atticus Review, and a poem “Abstinent” in One Art.

Mary Ann Honaker (Poetry, June 2016) has a new book Whichever Way the Moon out with Main Street Rag Publishing Company.

Candace Iloh’s (WFYP, June 2017) new YA novel Salt the Water is now available for preorder at Barnes & Noble.

Jo-Anne Hart (Nonfiction, January 2019) is featured in an article on the Lesley University website, “Taking the Stage for Friendship and AIDS.”

Hurley Winkler (Fiction, January 2017) interviews Cindy House (Fiction, June 2017) in a conversation titled “On Making Honest Conversation About Yourself” in The Creative Independent.

Celeste Mohammed (Fiction, June 2016) is featured in an interview in the April-May 2023 issue of The Republic.


  • The Tonic will open submissions again in September and are looking for helpers for the next issue. They need people in these areas: readers, editors, social media, grants, marketing. Interested students can contact the managing editors at [email protected].
  • The Oxford/Pushkin Children’s Fantasy Prize is taking submissions until May 31st for unpublished Middle Grade (9+) and Young Adult novels from emerging fantasy novelists.
  • The University on New Orleans Press is now accepting submissions for their Publishing Lab Prize. They are looking for full length fiction manuscripts, either short story and novella collections or novels. The selected author will receive a ten thousand dollar ($10,000) advance on royalties and a contract to publish with UNO Press. Deadline is August 31, 2023.

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