Mary Ann Honaker (Poetry, June 2016) has two new poems out: “Wisconsin Hunters Kill Over 200 Wolves in Less Than Three Days” in Poets Reading the News and “Catalogue of Melancholia” in Nixes Mate.

Deborah Sosin (Nonfiction, January 2015) has a new essay, “Andrew Cuomo Resigned, But He Still Doesn’t Get It” in Cognoscenti.

Jennifer LeBlanc’s (Poetry, June 2012) poem “Ghazal of the Virgin Mary” is featured in the blog Backstory of the Poem.

Amber Wong (Nonfiction, January 2014) has an essay, “Can Your House Kill You?” in the current issue of Pangyrus.

Allie Dixon (Nonfiction, June 2020) has a timely essay, “When I Read the Headline, I Knew I Was Flesh” in the online journal You Might Need To Hear This.

Jason Reynolds (Writing for Young People, MFA Faculty) is featured in an article “Who Jason Reynolds Writes His Best Sellers For” in The New Yorker.

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