Suzanne E. Edison (Poetry, July 2016) will be teaching a free online Medical Narratives workshop for healthcare providers on June 26th, through Hugo House.

Jason Reynolds (WFYP, MFA Writing Faculty) has won the 2021 Carnegie Medal for his short story collection Look Both Ways: A Tale Told in Ten Blocks.

Andrea Wang’s (WFYP, June 2011) forthcoming novel The Many Meanings of Meilan has been included in Pop! Goes the Reader’s list of 65 most anticipated middle grade novels for the 2nd half of 2021. It is due out in August.

Laurie Foos (Fiction, MFA Writing Faculty) has an essay titled “Soon,” about the particular challenges of having a child with autism and intellectual disabilities during the pandemic, which will be included in the anthology The Pandemic Midlife Crisis: Gen X Women on the Brink, to be published by The HerStories Project later this summer.

Thato Mwosa (WSS, June 2017) was interviewed on WBUR about the making of her feature film Memoirs of a Black Girl, which was just screened at the the 23rd Roxbury International Film Festival. Listen to the interview here.

Robbie Gamble (Poetry, January 2017) has a poem “Sweet Blue” in the Summer/Fall 2021 issue of Lunch Ticket.

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