Mary Ann Honaker (Poetry, June 2016) has two new poems out: “Battle Run” in Autumn Sky Poetry Daily and “Control” in the January 2022 issue of Hare’s Paw Literary Journal.

Andrea Wang (WFYP, June 2011) has TWO books on the New York Times list of 25 Best Children’s Books of 2021: Watercress and The Many Meanings of Meilan.

Michael Mercurio (Poetry, January 2017) has a poem “Epiphany” in the Winter 2021 issue of Sierra.

Celia Jeffries (Nonfiction, 2008) is featured on the Lesley “Why We Write” podcast, discussing the process of writing her her debut novel Blue Desert.

Robbie Gamble (Poetry, January 2017) has a poem “Reading from the Desert Fathers at the Laundromat” in the January 2022 issue of The Sun.

Boston Gordon (Poetry, January 2015) has their debut chapbook Glory Holes coming out in January 2022 with Small Harbor Publishing.

Amber Wong (Nonfiction, January 2014) has an essay “Our Younger Selves” in the Winter 2022 issue of Under the Gum Tree.

Celeste Mohammed (Fiction, June 2016)’s essay “Split Me In Two” has been named by The Common as one of its most-read pieces of 2021.

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